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About me

Jonathan Castellanos began his foray into still imagery as a NYC urban landscape photographer. His humble beginnings started as just a hobby, where he grew to have a fascination for the outdoors and also eventually photographing people in those outdoor landscape settings. This led him to naturally begin shooting headshots and working with models, both amateur and professional. 


While honing his skill in NYC, he excelled at everything from fashion, editorial, swimwear and family portraiture. But it’s his eye for glamour that began to make a name for Jonathan. This profound interest in glamour led him to refine his shooting and editing style to become the JC Smooth we know today.


After moving to South Florida from NYC, he began to build his brand and taking his photography to another level. In 2016 alone, he landed over a dozen nationwide magazine covers. This notoriety opened doors with major models in the industry as well as makeup artist, stylists and various modeling agencies. 


With his unstoppable drive and ongoing new voyeurs; Not only is Jcsmooth one of the most reputable photographers in South Florida, but has managed to expand his name and photography style across the United States in states such as California, Nevada, and Texas. JC has shown that with determination and drive anything put in front of him can be conquered. A true example can now be seen on the cover of several Playboy Magazine’s as JC has proven himself worthy to be labeled an official Playboy Photographer as of 2019. 


As a professional photographer, one of JC’s strongest attributes is that he throughly enjoys editing his own photos. Every shoot is so unique, so editing each photo with his style solidifies his clients’ confidence in his ability to produce a concept they are both envisioning. 


Jonathan has chosen this career because it has helped him to brings out the best in his subjects and in himself. He is happiest when he can work with people and make a difference. It’s been a great way to meet and work some amazing people on a daily basis and he wouldn’t change it for the world.



"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"


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